Lea Segal

Associate and notary public
The College of Law and Business, Ramat-Gan, LL.B (2001).
Adv. Segal has significant experience in representing employers and employees in labor courts and mediations relating to labor law. In addition, Adv. Segal is a qualified mediator and she believes that, in most cases, mediation is the optimal solution for disputes, while reducing possible friction to a bare minimum and obtaining the best solution for both parties.
Adv. Segal provides advisory services and ongoing guidance in all aspects of employment, from that relating to recruitment and acquisition of workers, to that concerning proper conduct in interviews and recruitment procedures, all according to the law. In addition, Adv. Segal advises on matters requiring the safeguard of protective laws, sexual harassment, equality of opportunity at the workplace, and the best mode of termination of employment.
Adv. Segal specializes in drafting contracts and managing negotiations prior to concluding a contract, including: employment agreements, retirement agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-competition covenants and contractor agreements; representation and involvement in litigation proceedings before the entire range of Israeli labor courts, including individual disputes, social benefit issues, and arbitration and mediation proceedings.
In addition to her ongoing practice, Adv. Segal draws satisfaction from representing disadvantaged workers, by providing services to non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) such as “Kav LaOved”, “Wizo” and so forth.
Additional Professional Experience:
Adv. Segal lectures at different bodies and organizations regarding sexual harassment at the workplace as well as at companies in labor law forums, women’s status forums, and the promotion of lawyers who are members of the Israeli Bar Association.
Labor Law- litigation and dispute resolution.
Representation of employees and employers in the labor courts.
Representation in proceedings at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and at hearings.
Specialization in women’s work and protective laws.