Yoav Segal

Founding and Managing Partner
The College of Law and Business, Ramat-Gan, LL.B (2000).
Member of the Journal “Aley Mishpat” issued by the College of Law and Business, Ramat-Gan (2000-2001).
Adv. Yoav Segal specializes in litigation and dispute resolution, commercial transactions, real-estate transactions and providing ongoing legal advice to companies.
Adv. Segal has considerable experience in civil litigation in the court forum, in arbitration, and before labor courts as well as in representing defendants in white collar crimes. His practice is divided between managing different civil and public litigation cases, including class actions and administrative litigation, and handling commercial and real-estate transactions, both private and commercial. Adv. Segal believes that practicing in these two fields provides a balance of the different orientations which are required to deal with various matters.
Adv. Segal’s approach to his profession is characterized by professionalism and diligence, the use of common sense, “out of the box” creative thinking, and great determination, all of which he employs in finding a solution to every legal problem.
In addition, Adv. Segal has considerable experience in the provision of ongoing advice to commercial companies on different matters, including advice regarding employment of workers, commercial transactions, regulation, municipal affairs and acting before authorities.
In the last two decades, Adv. Segal’s practice consisted of representing in large-scale litigation cases, including representing his clients in civil suits, administrative petitions (such as the petition regarding the canteens in the Israeli Defense Force bases, the petition regarding the Em HaMoshavot Bridge, and the petition concerning the vacation homes at the Herzliya marina), class actions, and representing defendants in “white collar” crimes and disciplinary proceedings. Adv. Segal was part of the defense team of the businessman, Michael Chernoy, in the “Eilat” and “Bezeq” trials.
Simultaneously, Adv. Segal handled a variety of real-estate transactions amounting to hundreds of millions of New Israeli Shekels, including commercial real-estate transactions (purchase, sale and lease of real-estate investments) and private real-estate transactions (luxury homes).
In 2002, Adv. Segal joined Dr. J, Weinroth & Co. law office and was made a partner in 2008. In 2014, Adv. Segal founded Kosteliz & Co law office.