Yoav Stashevsky

Ono Academic College, LL.B summa cum laude (2016).
Adv. Stashevsky specializes in criminal law (“white collar” crimes), Criminal tax, civil-commercial litigation, family law and labor law.
Between the years 2008-2016, Adv. Stashevsky dealt with study and research in Jewish law, and his research “The Lawyer in the Rabbinical Court” and “Dina Demalkhuta” won the Torah Art Prize of the Jerusalem Religious Council.
In 2010, he was authorized to represent the Rabbinical Court as a rabbinic advocate, appearing and representing the Rabbinical Courts.
He also participated regularly in business and commercial arbitration in the rabbinic court of Rabbi Karelitz in Bnei Brak.
Adv. Stashevsky completed his internship at State Attorney’s Office (Taxation and Economics Department).