Yaron Kosteliz

Founding Partner
Bar-Ilan University, LL.B. majoring in business, summa cum laude (1998).
Bar-Ilan University, MBA, specializing in finance, cum laude (1998).
Bar-Ilan University, LL.M, summa cum laude (2005).
Adv. Yaron Kosteliz, founder and senior partner at Kosteliz & Co. law office, has considerable and widespread experience and expertise in the field of criminal law (“white collar” crimes), complex civil-commercial litigation, administrative law, employment law, construction and planning law and military law.
Adv. Kosteliz is “thought to be one of the stars in the white collar sector in Israel” (Globes, 9.3.2014), and his clients consist of key persons in the world of business and politics in Israel. By the time he was 29 years old, Adv. Kosteliz was rated in the first list of “40 by 40” in G magazine, belonging to Globes newspaper (2006), and was included in the lists of exceptional lawyers in “The Marker” newspaper (2008), “Ma’ariv” (2011 and 2013), and on the website “Nana10” (2014).
Adv. Kosteliz’s clientele include, to name a few, the Minister Avigdor Liberman; Mr. Michael Chernoy, in the “Bezeq-Zeevi” case and in relation to his citizenship; the accounting firm Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer (Ernst & Young Israel) regarding various matters; the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Bakshi Doron; the former manager of the Israeli Land Authority, Mr. Ya’akov Efrati; Berman Bakery; Mr. Boaz Harpaz, in the “Galant document” trial; the former Israeli consul in Holland, Mr. Uriel Yitzhaki; Ayalim Association (amuta); the Deputy Director General at the National Insurance Institute of Israel, Mr. Ilan Moreno; Mayor of Beit Shemesh, Mr. Daniel Vaknin; Dubek Ltd.; the Israeli Land Development Corporation and Mr. Amos Luzon regarding the “Yarkonim” Power Center strip mall in Petach Tikva; the Zvulun local planning and construction commission; the former Israeli consul in Ethiopia, Mr. Eli Yitzhaki; Gush Etzion Regional Council, Beit El’s Yeshiva complex; the Ofra Settlement, and many more.
Between the years 1999 to 2005, Adv. Kosteliz acted as the senior assistant to the Chief Military Prosecutor, who at the time was Colonel Einat Ron (and who today acts as the President of the central district Magistrate’s Court). Among other things, Adv. Kosteliz served as the military prosecutor in the trials of five persons who refused to enlist and serve in the army due to political reasons and in the trial of Yonatan Ben Artzi who refused to serve in the army. Adv. Kosteliz also represented prisoner “X”, Mordechai Kedar, in his appeal for a retrial.
Adv. Kosteliz was a key partner in the drafting of the opinion of the Israeli Defense Forces Advocate General at the time, Lieutenant Dr. Menachem Finkelstein (today Judge of the District Court, central district), both in relation to the death of three Israeli soldiers of the undercover Duvdevan unit, which occurred in August 2000 while carrying out an operation to capture Hamas military leader, Mahmoud Abu Hanoud (to avoid ordering the commencement of a police investigation), and in relation to the petitions made to the Supreme Court by persons refusing military service (such as David Zonsheine, among others).
Adv. Kosteliz represented the Chief Military Prosecutor, before the Supreme Court, concerning fundamental questions in criminal law and appeared several times before the Israeli Military Court of Appeals concerning various legal questions in the criminal field.
In 2005, Adv. Kosteliz joined Dr. J, Weinroth & Co. law office as a partner until 2014, at which time he founded Kosteliz & Co. law office.
Adv. Kosteliz lectures many judges and lawyers in professional continuing education programs.