The attorneys at Kosteliz & Co. law office specialize in a wide range of fields, which, amongst them, include criminal law (“white collar”), civil-commercial and administrative litigation, planning and construction law, military law, transport law, employment law, real-estate and more. Moreover, the firm provides ongoing advisory services to commercial companies regarding various subject-matters, including employment law, commercial agreements, regulation and municipal issues, as well as representing clients before authorities.

White collar crimes

Civil-commercial litigation

Administrative law

Real-estate transactions

Employment law

Planning and construction law

Military law

Among the firm’s clients are many public figures and leading commercial companies from the world of business and politics in Israel-

The Minister Avigdor Liberman; Mr. Michael Chernoy, in the “Bezeq-Zeevi” case and in relation to his citizenship; the accounting firm Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer (Ernst & Young, Israel) regarding various matters; the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Bakshi Doron; the former manager of the Israeli Land Authority, Mr. Ya’akov Efrati; Berman Bakery; Mr. Boaz Harpaz, in the “Galant document” case; the former Israeli consul in Holland, Mr. Uriel Yitzhaki; Ayalim Association (amuta); the Deputy Director General at the National Insurance Institute of Israel, Mr. Ilan Moreno; Mayor of Beit Shemesh, Mr. Daniel Vaknin; Dubek Ltd.; the Israeli Land Development Corporation and Mr. Amos Luzon regarding the “Yarkonim” Power Center strip mall in Petach Tikva; the Zvulun local planning and construction commission; the former Israeli consul in Ethiopia, Mr. Eli Yitzhaki; Gush Etzion Regional Council, Beit El’s Yeshiva complex; the Ofra Settlement, and many more.